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Pioneering new products is a labor of love and a calling. It takes tools, collaboration, inspiration, and ingenuity. But to break through and grow, it also takes speed, resources, advantage.


We are 


We are Innovating

Accelerator companies are hard at work creating new user experiences that respond to emerging needs in the VR, IoT, payments, and consumer businesses for mobile, wearables, and TV.


Unclip is an app to easily create and share video highlights. Upload and edit video straight from an action camera or your phone and share to social media.
Cut to the action.


Lōtik Labs smart system of wireless sensors provides fixture level water monitoring to track consumption and detect plumbing risks.
Wireless Water Intelligence


VRB is a social VR platform centered around user expression and novel methods of communication.


How it works

The Samsung Accelerator provides strategic capital, office space, operational and product support to seasoned entrepreneurs so they can build market-driven software and services.

The Accelerator is part of the Samsung Global Innovation Center, which is dedicated to enabling entrepreneurs to thrive in all stages by providing access to Samsung resources, decision-makers, product roadmap, and the world’s largest platforms for distribution.



Members of the Accelerator come from all walks of life, but share an entrepreneurial drive in developing innovative products. They have curiosity, passion, and a healthy appetite for the unknown. They are not afraid to fail, provided they learn quickly, and are motivated by an insatiable knowledge to build and launch. Our teams develop the software products and services that are compelling to the marketplace. Each team has its own mission, leader, and milestones. Teams create with the passion, focus, and determination to answer "what's next?".

  • CEO-led
  • EIR
  • HIR

CEO-Led teams

Our CEOs have built their own companies, or launched meaningful services within larger organizations. These seasoned entrepreneurs join the Accelerator in co-founding pairs whose skillsets balance technology and product vision. They build and lead their team to create a high-impact, market-facing product by leveraging the Accelerator's resource-rich environment and insider-access to Samsung.

  • Co-founders with a concept
  • Receive funding, join the community
  • Grow a team, refine concept
  • Develop, test, and iterate product
  • Launch!
  • Spinout
  • Acquisition to Samsung


Our Entrepreneur-in-Residence program is a build-focused, 6-month engagement where EIRs have product support and fixed funding to rapidly build their own software-based concept. EIRs show tremendous potential with their ideas and ability to execute and have high potential to become an Accelerator CEO or CTO.

  • Entrepreneur with a concept
  • Receives funding, joins the community
  • Gathers collaborators, develops and iterates product
  • Launches product in 6 months!
  • Spinout
  • Receives additional funding


In this 3-month program, entrepreneurial engineers and developers have a chance to take on a current topic of interest to the Accelerator and build an innovative solution to tackle it. HIRs demonstrate the "hacker" mentality that is core to startup culture by having excellent technical skills and a problem-solving mindset. Our HIRs are self-directed, comfortable with uncertainty, and are highly creative in the way that they work through challenges.

  • Engineer selects an accelerator concept
  • Receives funding, joins the community
  • Develops and iterates concept in 3 months
  • Receives additional funding



Intimate events are held regularly and feature leading thinkers like John Maeda and danah boyd, who help enrich the intellectual fabric of the Accelerator and spark new thinking. Our meet-ups provide the venue to explore key technology areas with a strong community of domain experts, and our happy hours are, well, happy.


Unlike typical start-up life, we bring together a rich collective of experienced entrepreneurs, operators, and builders who draw upon each other's expertise, networks, and interests. Because our startups are not competing against each other at demo days or funding events, they are motivated to collaborate, share opinions, and act as extended mindshare for each other.


Our offices are located in the heart of the startup scenes in San Francisco and New York. Our environments are reflective of how we operate: collaborative, flexible, creative and buzzing. We provide state-of-the-art equipment, healthy food, and administrative support to ensure you can stay focused and fueled.

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